Kimberly Carlson Aesara

Thank you for being here. Writing is more than completing pages, learning the craft, landing an agent, and getting published, being a writer, an artist is a commitment to a way of life, a way of being. I write novels, memoirs. I am a writer. I am an artist.

A Bit about Me

I am the author of the award-winning novel, Out of the Shadows and the long short story, Saved. I have been studying the craft of writing since I earned my MA from Humboldt State University.

Writing year after year, attending conferences all around the country, sending out over 500 queries, writing hour after hour, it came to me that writing is essential to who I am, not because of the conferences, and the rejection letters but in spite of.

What makes me incredible is that I forge on despite. I read and write with awe--and this is my purpose and this makes me who I am.

Dr. James Brock

Poet and Playwright

Gentle. Affirming. Pragmatic. Spiritual. Kimberly's teaching honors where you are as a writer and celebrates where you want to take your writing. Whether it's about mastering the nuts-and-bolts of editing or of creating a room of your own, her coaching is dedicated to helping you develop your own path, your own way, your own voice.

Cindy Coloma

Author of The Salt Garden

Kimberly has a keen eye and intrinsic insights that guided new layers into my work, making it stronger.

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